Stories from the Kids

Story by Tani - Year 4 - Wakefield School


Fishing Extreme


Waiting by the boat, wanting to catch a king fish, I was  surrounded by people, some fishing off the wharf, some getting ready to hop in their boats. My bait stunk like a rotten egg. The sky was as blue as the sea. I saw one person who had lost his fishing rod in the water. The only thing he had left was the continuously winding line on his reel.

Finally my grandad arrived. We were ready to launch the boat. “Hey, Dad, we need to wear our lifejackets!” I said nervously. “Okay, Tani!” he groaned.

As we went out to sea the waves got bigger and bigger and bigger until they were humongous like a growing monster ready to eat me. The sky became grey and cloudy it looked like it would rain and hail. I felt cold, freezing. I was slipping from side to side in the boat.  I said, “Woooah!”  My fishing rod fell out of my hand, waves splashing over the boat. I clutched the side of the boat. I was so glad that I had persuaded Dad to put on the life jackets.

Suddenly I saw my Dad’s rod moving. I heaved it in. I had caught a baracuda. It was long, it had small fins and sort of prickly and spikey bits on its back. I had never seen an alive baracuda before; it was furious at me. I said, “Dad, I caught a baracuda!” It was slimy, slithery, soft, silver, shiny. I was so scared. I flung the horrible thing back in the water. I saw his glowing, googly, slimey eye move and stare at me like an owl in a tree in the dark. I yowled at my dad,  “Go, go go!” And he did. I thought my first boat trip would be my last. Our little boat bounced like a bouncy ball on the concrete. We hooked the boat up to the car and drove off. When I got home I had a horrible dream, but that is another story!



This story is from Orla Motley - 5 years old from Grantlea Downs School

In the weekend I went fishing on the boat. I had to wear a life jacket. My life jacket was red. The red on my life jacket was shiny red. I had to clip my life jacket up. I did catch some fish. They were clown fish. We saw some baby fish too and the fish were shiny. We saw some dolphins and I caught a little fish. I put it back with a wet towel and it swam away.


And a story from Callum Nimmo from Waihopai School. Callum is 10 years old

 Hiwi the Kiwi


No that’s not the sound of someone winning lotto, that’s the sound of me catching a fish with my new Hiwi the Kiwi fishing rod! Well that’s after I win it!

Today “The Minstrel” (a.k.a Hiwi the Kiwi) came to babble to us about fishing, boat safety and loads more. Here are some of the tips we learnt from “The Minstrel”

Splosh! If you fall out of a boat without a lifejacket on there’s a high chance you’ll drown. But if you have your lifejacket on you float and bob up and down calmly. So don’t be a blown wear a lifejacket!

Beep! Beep! Beep! A beacon is another thing that can save your life. You can get saltwater or freshwater beacons. A saltwater beacon is triggered by saltwater touching it. It then sends a message to the coast guard to say someone’s in trouble and where they are. The same thing happens with a freshwater beacon except you have to flick a switch.

Flares may look like fireworks but they can save your life as well. Once your beacon is set off a plane will come and try to find you. This is where flares come in. You’ll be able to see that plane clearly but the pilot won’t be able to see you! As soon as you lift the lid off the flare a sky rocket will shoot out and the pilot will see you.

Whenever you’re going fishing don’t forget your ruler to check if the fish is oversize or undersize. If the fish is not the right size pick it up with a wet towel and place it back in the water.

Always bring salt ice if you’re going fishing in saltwater and normal ice if you’re going fishing in a lake or river. This way the fish will keep fish and cold once you’ve caught it/

This is what “The Minstrel” taught during his time at Waihopai School. This is what I will do in the future to make sure we have fish forever!  


And this story is from Mya Nicol. Mya is a Y3 student at Oamaru North School

Hiwi the Kiwi

“Hey dad, let’s go fishing so we do not waste our money on fish’n chips.”

“Oh that is a great thing to do,” said my dad James.

The boat started, it went bbbrrrrrr.

Dad we need our fishing rods and our life jackets.

“I don’t need a life jacket.”

“Yes you do need a life jacket,” I said “because if there is a piece of log in the water and we fall out of the boat, and you could die.”

 “Ok I will put a life jacket on.”

We went all the way out to sea. After ten minutes dad and I got a nibble at the same time. Dad got a snapper and I got a blue cod. Dad got the snapper up into the boat.

“Put it back in the water now dad,” I said.

“It could have babies.”

“Ok” said my dad. He put it back into the water.  We all had a good time and Dad learned heaps about fishing for the future from me.


Here's a story from Amber Gascoyne - Aged 8 from Room 11, Kaiapoi North School

Hiwi the Kiwi

I’m going to tell you about the safety of fishing.

Fishing can be very fun but there are also things you need to know about going fishing and I’m going to tell you some of them.

First I will tell you about how long the fish can be. The fish you catch have to be 27 cm. If you think you can keep it; you’re allowed, but first check the fish you caught on the fish ruler. Now I know most people have the fish ruler but for others who don’t; get one and measure your fish or you could get caught by one of the coastguards and you could get arrested. You need to get one right away!

Now I’m going to talk to you about life jackets. Life jackets can save your life. Your life jacket is very important when you go on a boat because if your boat capsized you could be in massive trouble. You could drown quite easily but if you wear a life jacket you are a very, very sensible person for thinking about safety and having fun at the same time.

The saltwater emergency beacon is another thing you need to take with you when you go fishing. It’s activated when if touches salt water. It has a GPS in it so when the coastguard gets the signal they can jump in their boat and come and get you.

So now you know the safety of fishing you can have fun as well as being safe!


Enjoy this story from Jasmine Barry - Year 5, St Mary's Primary School Hokitika


Hiwi the Kiwi

One sunny morning Hiwi the Kiwi wanted to go fishing. So, he walked outside, he looked both ways and crossed the road.

When he arrived at the fishing spot he saw his friend Rebecca the Weka, she was fishing too. He asked her if she wanted him to fish with and she said "sure" so Hiwi the Kiwi cast out his rod.

"I think I have a bite!" cried Rebeccda. She hauled it in and it was a snapper - it was huge. We decided to let it go because it might have babies in it.

Hiwi the Kiwi said "let's go on Grandad Stan the fantail's boat."

"Ok", said Rebecca.

So off they went to see Grandad Stan Fantail.

"Hi Stan," said Hiwi the Kiwi. "Can we come on your boat?"

"Sure," said Grandad Stan Fantail.

So they climbed on board.

"Remember to put your life jackets on" said Stan.

"Click!" went their life jackets.

"Vroom!", and off they went.

Rebecca Weka cast out her rod.

"Splash!" - she fell off the boat.

"Thank goodness I had my life jacket on!" she said.

"I've got one!" Hiwi shouted with glee. He reeled it in and measured it. it was too small. It cried, "don't eat me - wait until I am big and roam free in the sea."

So off the fish went in the deep blue sea.

Stan the fantail said "I've got one!"

He tugged, he hauled it in. It was perfect - a yellow eyed mullet. So they put it on ice so it would stay nice and they would have it for tea.


Story from Stoke School's Briar Rose Crichton

My Fishing Trip

“We’re here, whooo!!!!!”  One sunny day in Kaikora  at Paia Point me and my step dad Graeme went out on kayaks to fish for dinner that night.  I love to fish.

Me and Graeme were paddling out to get some fish.  It took me a while to get past the waves.  Man it was hard work!  I caught two butter fish but one was too big and had babies.  So we put it back.  Graeme caught to fish too.  One was too small but the blue cod was just right.

We paddled out a bit further for a fish for Mum.  I caught one for Mum and Graeme was going to catch another one for his lunch tomorrow but he ended up with his line bit off.

I had just put the fish for Mum in the chilly bin of fish when Graeme had a shark on the line.  He told me to start to go back, so I did,  but on my way I stopped and waited for Graeme.  I almost fell out, oh no!  I was glad I didn’t but if I did fall in I would have been safe because I was wearing a lifejacket.  When Graeme came back he was not happy because the shark had bitten off his line and hook.

What an awesome but scary day it was that day!


And this one from 6 year old Jessie Baatjies from Grey Main School

On Monday afternoon Kate and her friends had no plans except Dylan. His idea was to go fishing. Here are the things they needed to be safe and also to keep the fish safe: A lifejacket, fishing rod, a bucket of ice, measuring ruler and a safety line.

They set off on their boat but Dylan wasn’t wearing his lifejacket. The suddenly a whale was underneath the boat… The boat started swaying back and forth. Dylan was at the front of the boat and he fell off the boat. His friends threw the safety line. Dylan felt very scared, waving his arms and shouting “help!” They pulled him in. He was coughing very badly. Next time when Dylan goes fishing he will be wearing a lifejacket!


A story from Leithfield School by Jacob Vipperman

 The Big Day

One incredibly hot day I went fishing at Wellington harbour, and I made sure I had all the bait, a beacon, flares,

and most importantly, a lifejacket. Oops, forgot Dad. We went off in the boat at 20 knots. I cast out my fishing line, and waited. Still waiting. Still waiting. Still waiting. Ooh, a tug. “I’ve got something! It has to be big!” I reeled in my line, and I had caught a blue fin tuna! HOLY MATRIMONY!

“Nice work, Jake,” called Dad.

Dad didn’t have a rod, he had a net instead. Mmm, Whitebait fritters. I caught several snapper, cod and squid, but five squid were carrying eggs, so I put them back.

We headed towards the docks and went back home.

THE END  by: Jacob Vipperman


Here's a story from Ben Buchanan – Year 4 Winning Fishing Story from Ponsonby Primary School


One day in the summer, my grandad went deep sea fishing.

Grandad put on his life jacket and off he went to the boat.

All of his friends were there.

They cast off and went out to sea.


After they got to the fishing spot, they threw their hooks in.

Grandad then had to go to the toilet.

Off he went to the bathroom and while he was away his friends took his hook out of the water and got a bucket.

They put the bucket on the end of his hook and then threw it back into the sea.

Finally, grandad came back from the bathroom.

His cheeky friends told him he had a caught something but when he pulled it up it was only a bucket fish.

Everyone laughed including grandad.    


This story is written by Tehya Cameron who is 8 years old.  She won a rod & reel for this great story - have a read ....